Super Showroom

YMESYSTEMS invest more than a million to build a super showroom in our factory in Guangzhou, China. The showroom has an area of more than 500m2, and consists of three zones:

01 Top Audio Brands Appraisal Zone

Here we demonstrate top line arrays including L-Acoustics, d&b, TWaudio together with our YOGA X line array. Guests can listen to and compare them.

02 YOGA Demonstration Zone

Here we show YOGA active and passive line arrays. With its unique setup and transportation design, as well as the flexible and scalable configuration, YOGA can meet requirements of various fixed installation and rental applications.

03 VERSA Point Source Product Zone

VERSA multiple function point source products are the ideal choice for all types of small applications. Here we show VERSA products ranging from 8” to 15”.


YME is a game changer!!! You can’t miss a beat with this audio system.

Pastor Nisan Stewart, Greater Emmanuel Temple Church-Los Angeles CA

I have heard almost every major speaker brand that is out for pro audio. I can truly say that YME stands toe to toe with ANYTHING that is out. Our sound and processing is AMAZING and we haven’t even pushed it to have its capability. Our Screens Are absolutely stunning. The clarity, the definition and the durability cant be fooled with!!!! I’m 100% Satisfied

Titus Robertson(Audio Director ), St Stephan Baptist Church-Louisville KY

The YME brand makes a FOH engineer job effortless… Not a whole lot to do with these boxes!

David Allison- (FOH Audio EngineerProduction Manager, ), Mary Mary Donnie McClurkin

As a client of YME USA I can say in confidence your final production will far exceed your investment. Look no further”

Pastor Steven Eugene Carter-, Mount Ararat Baptist Church Brooklyn NY

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