YME USA ® Warranty

YME USA warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship. The term of the YME USA Warranty is three years (*) from the original date of purchase of the product. This warranty may be transferred to a subsequent owner during the warranty period. However, such a transfer shall not extend the warranty period beyond the original warranty period of three years from the original date of purchase stated on the YME USA invoice.

Warranty Coverage

The YME warranty solely covers the replacement of defective parts and/or the repair of parts as deemed necessary by YME USA. YME USA does not accept responsibility for the loss of use while the equipment is being repaired nor costs incurred for repairs. Return of products under warranty claim must first be authorized by YME USA and freight must be paid by the sender.

Warranty Exclusions

We wish to respectfully remind purchasers and owners of YME USA products and equipment that in line with warranty compliance provisions, material should be operated and maintained according to YME USA specifications at all times.

The warranty excludes the following:

· Damage by improper use and improper or incorrect installation. This includes damage to any parts due to over amplification or connection to an incorrect supply voltage.

· Any damage caused by connection to or operation in conjunction with a signal processing device or amplifier that does not meet the specifications or a device that does not have prior written approval from YME USA.

· Damage caused by neglect or abuse. This includes accidental dropping, penetration of water, incorrect mounting or exposure to excessive temperatures or humidity.

· Castors and wheels that are attached to the equipment.

· Damage due to wear and tear sustained during normal use.

Voidance of warranty

The warranty shall be void by any act of attempted service, alteration, or removal of parts by any third party not specifically authorized by YME USA.

· The warranty shall be void if it is found that the instructions and procedures for initial start-up and running of the product or equipment have not been followed precisely or that the security procedures have not been fully adhered to.

· The warranty shall be void if parts or accessories not supplied, manufactured or authorized, in writing by the manufacturer, are found to be incorporated in or connected to the product or equipment at any time.

· The warranty shall be void if it is found that the recommendations for servicing the product have not been fully adhered to.


Please consult your YME USA representative for more details.

(*) The 3 year warranty applies for products purchased from YME USA after January 1st, 2018.


YME is a game changer!!! You can’t miss a beat with this audio system.

Pastor Nisan Stewart, Greater Emmanuel Temple Church-Los Angeles CA

I have heard almost every major speaker brand that is out for pro audio. I can truly say that YME stands toe to toe with ANYTHING that is out. Our sound and processing is AMAZING and we haven’t even pushed it to have its capability. Our Screens Are absolutely stunning. The clarity, the definition and the durability cant be fooled with!!!! I’m 100% Satisfied

Titus Robertson(Audio Director ), St Stephan Baptist Church-Louisville KY

The YME brand makes a FOH engineer job effortless… Not a whole lot to do with these boxes!

David Allison- (FOH Audio EngineerProduction Manager, ), Mary Mary Donnie McClurkin

As a client of YME USA I can say in confidence your final production will far exceed your investment. Look no further”

Pastor Steven Eugene Carter-, Mount Ararat Baptist Church Brooklyn NY

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